Agilitykurs med Jan Sprij


Tidspunkt & varighet

Start: 03.Mars - 09:00

Slutt: 04.Mars - 17:00


Passer for

Kurset passer for deg som har startet i konkurranser kl 1 – 2 - 3

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Fjellanger Hundesenter har invitert Jan Sprij fra Nederland til å holde konkurransekurs for oss i mars 2018. Jan vil være  1av 4 dommere ved Junior EO.

Jan Sprij:

I was introduced to agility by a friend in 1994, with  my first dog, Border Collie, Tommy and there it all started.

Coming from a sporting family, and been trained to be a pro footballplayer and later as a photographer, being connected to PSV Eindhoven and Dutch speed skating team Spaar Select (with skaters then: Gianni Romme, Marc Tuitert, Erben Wennemars and Marianne Timmer). My interest was directed to specialise on training and different trainingforms.

Trying to figure out best way to train and the best way to perfection. Being able to witness the training-labs in the Netherlands and as a photographer, being a member of the research team on  movement and tracking systems for pro-sports It all came together.

As a handler always curious and looking for different paths. It brought me to different place. I trained fot 5 years in the Czech Republik with Antonin Grygar his training method. and with that being also a member of his international trainers group. It thought  me a lot. Been to Finland to One Minddogs and they came to me for the Lab facitilies I was building.

The past 2 years I am training in Germany with Tobias Wüst and Daniel Schröder and there very succesfull way of handling.

As a handler it brougth me a lot so far and hope that this will continue. As a trainer/coach of several indiviuals and Dutch teams I hope to do the same. As a trainer for me there’s no difference between a top handler or a beginner.

My motto has always been; “the loser of today is the winner of tomorrow”, so everyone has got my full attention. I try to create the best environment for them. Never stand still always look forwardEveryone has a chance, some have maby more talent then another, but only skill and perseverance brings succes.


Handling, fra begynnelse til slutt. Det handler om teknikk og kontroll, men det er mer. Kunnskap om hunden og kunnskap om handling m.m.